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Investment tips and arguments

5 reasons
why contemporary art is a good investment
01 Cheap
The contemporary Hungarian artworks’ prices are low, usually they even do not reach the price of the used materials. Most of the knowed contemporary painters’ pictures are cheaper than a sofa, so you do not need to rob a bank in order to place a true work of art on your wall.
02 Safe
In the last 5 years (!) the artworks showed steadily higher return on investment than the stock market. The chance is pretty low that the purchased artworks will ever worth less than they originally were.
03 Support
Unfortunately, the majority of the contemporary Hungarian Artists leave their artistic career before the age of 35, since they can not make a living out of it. Buying contemporary artwork is a generous support, which helps to avoid the loss of future talent. In other words as we buy contemporary artwork, we become the patrons of recent art as well.
04 Gives an exciting chance
Every single artowork is like a lottery ticket that never expires, buti in every 4-5 years re-draws. Nobody can predict who will be a billionary artist later on. Perhaps the painting we bought will never worth millions and we will ’only’ delight in it, but with each painting we have a chance for the lottery hit. Take Van Gogh who never sold a picture while He was alive.
05 Leade You to a whole new world
Anyone who starts to care about recent artworks, enters an exciting whole new world. Most of the contemporary Artists do not lock themselves into high tower, or do not avoid personel encounter either – most of Them are specifically happy if customers visit Their studios.
Havas Art Agency and Gallery’s pages and our exhibitions give perfect opportunities to get to know the recent Hungarian Artists. The artworks always have a huge effect on human beings: those who collect paintings, talk about them, deals with them will realise that their lives have changed and new dimensions are introduced to them.
"The Wall Street of Montmartre"