Peter Jakab Szőke | Havas Art Agency and Gallery

Peter Jakab Szőke

Artistic Credo

Art and within the family of art, painting means a possibility, a way to express in the language of colors and shapes everything that happens to me , everything I feel and what I think about the world.

This type of " coding " in not entirely conscious and structured.
I consider the picture completed once the mood is inserted, what I feel inside and what I cannot express by words, music or writing.

When composing the picture, I follow the intuition and aim to accomplish it by using colorful materials, oils and canvas.

I believe in figure painting. For all of us the only thing we all know is the visible world, its objects, shapes, scales which our mind can use, combine, simplify and enrich. I can use them to create new motifs, where the colors and shapes are put together, according to my own voice, while enjoying the joy of creation and dynamism.

I resolving the figure world with the help of painting materials. A variety of media, paints, oils, as well as the instruments used to work with them gives me further game and possibility to express the illustrated persons and objects. Once I get familiar with a material and its natural essence, it will become as creative companion on the picture.
Thus, the used materials combine a new quality and new structure, which system is kept together by the creative will.

For keeping or finding the creative thinking, other means of art often help, such as music, films and literature.
For me, this genres’ creative force whirls me and encourages me to find own experience.

Art is an expression of experience of human existence and sharing it with other people.