Csaba Jávorka | Havas Art Agency and Gallery

Csaba Jávorka

About myself:

I was born in 1950 in the sign of Scorpio.
I am a teacher and an artist.
Through my fine art activites I have had 15 individual exhibitions in Hungary and in abroad so far.

I regularly take part in domestic and foreign group exhibitions, where I often get invited.
If you want to know me better take a look at my paintings and search me there.
What you are unable to find there is not worth looking for.

’...It does not matter who I am, the picture is the important one. The painting is me and through it you can get to know me, get in touch with who I am.

You, who watch my paintings with dilated pupil, I greet you with open arms. Do not be suprised, since THESE PAINTINGS ARE MADE FOR YOU.

You, who can only watch my paintings with narrow pupil, I greet you with open arms as well. We did not meet. I am sorry. Do not scold me for it, do not critisize, do not hate me. It is only because THESE PAINTINGS ARE NOT MADE FOR YOU.’